Kris’ Welcomes Winning Architects this Saturday


We would like to welcome the winners from this year’s “Warming Huts“, architecture and arts competition to Kris’ Fish and Chips this Saturday.  The Warming Huts competition, which attracts architects from all over the globe, “push[es] the envelope of design, craft and art”  as competitors come up with unique warming hut concepts for Winnipeg’s famous Red River Mutual Trail. The winners of the 2016 competition are busy constructing their visions right now at the Forks. When they are finished later this week the huts will be brought out to the trail for visitors to skate to and enjoy. We hope you all enjoy your Kris’ dinner this Saturday!


Fun was had by all, with a bonfire on frozen Lake Winnipeg and then a delicious Kris’ dinner. Congratulations again to all the architects and thanks for coming to Gimli for a visit!